COVID-19 Vaccination Education for Long-Term Care Employees
This video answers frequently asked questions about the COVID-19 vaccine for long-term care employees featuring Dr. Sam Stanton, ABCM medical director, and Dr. Clete Younger, medical director for seven skilled nursing facilities. This FREE resource is available to all long-term care providers to share with their employees, courtesy of the Iowa Health Care Association and Iowa Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine.

Welcome to the Iowa Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine.

The Iowa Society for Post-Acute And Long-Term Care Medicine is the professional association of physicians and other professionals practicing in the long term care continuum, dedicated to excellence in patient care by providing education, advocacy, information, and professional development. On this site, IPALTC will post original materials along with links to existing resources, tools, articles and legislative information designed to advance our mission to improve patient care and promote the professional development of long term care practitioners. IPALTC members are encouraged to submit non-commercial, long term care related items which they feel should be shared with our members.

The purpose for IPALTC is:

To promote excellence in medical care and to improve the quality of life in Iowa’s long term care settings (nursing facilities, assisted living, and home care).
To promote peer education and consultation among physicians and other clinicians caring for residents and patients in long term care settings.
To promote and improve medical direction in post-acute and long term care and disseminate information on long term care medical administration and practice in Iowa.
To make recommendations to Iowa’s governmental agencies responsible for regulation and surveillance of care in long term care settings.
To promote collaboration among medical directors and medical practitioners with administrators and operators of long term care facilities and home care agencies in matters affecting resident and patient care policies and practices.